Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Everything Must Go!


Sept. 21, 2021

Everything Must Go!

I have quite a haul for Salvation Army. In addition to this, there are still bags of things in other rooms, a sewing machine (70+ years old), and 2 full boxes of paper. I'm considering donating my exercise equipment, which just takes up room on the sun porch.

If you're interested in decluttering, let me know. I have a list of ladies who specialize in decluttering and organizing once the junk is gone. Very inspirational and motivating.Again, I worked in my office until 1:00 this morning. I have made so much progress! I researched several organizations to find the right fit for my stuff, and Salvation Army seems to be the one – and they pick up! I filled 3 large leaf bags with paper and shredded paper. I organized the color papers I had and put them into the new bin I bought. Now I have to figure out where to put my pencil sharpener – probably on the other bookcase. My office doesn’t look much better yet because I have empty bins and boxes stacked. That’s why they say declutter first, THEN organize.

I’ve become brutal! Sentimental things aren’t going to weigh me down anymore. I actually have a set of sheets with pillowcases that my grandmother crocheted a border on for my mom. I took them originally because I didn’t want to lose them. I still have a smocked pillow that she made and several doilies. It’s not like I’m purging of everything from her, so the sheet set will go! I have a pair of boots that my dad gave my son when he was 2, a pair of superman shoes he had when he was 1, and a pair of black patent Mary Janes that my daughter had along with some of her pajamas. These things I’ll keep.

I started scheduling the pickup with Salvation Army online. It asks for details about the items, so that took a while. When I got to the date, Oct. 8 was the first available date. I clicked on it and did everything but confirm before I looked at my calendar and found something that conflicted. I hit the back button, and everything disappeared 😒. So, the second time, I wasn't so meticulous about listing the items, and when I got to the date part, the first available was Oct. 22! I actually scheduled for Oct. 27. By the time they show up, I won't be able to walk in the front door!

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